Peter Burkill
Peter Burkill here. I live on Dartmoor with my wife and two Springer Spaniels. Dartmoor is the largest and wildest area of open country in the south of England. It is an upland area mostly over 150 metres in altitude. It became a National Park in 1951.

Background: My professional training is as a biologist, specialising in marine biology and still work part time as a Professor at University of Plymouth. I have been a photographer for some 50 years and during this time it is incredible to consider how our ability to photograph has changed. I can recall the excitement of watching images appear in the developing tray in the dim red light of a darkroom. It was pure alchemy. Since semi-retiring a few years ago, I now spend more time photographing, exploring and demonstrating the form and function of the living natural world. My main interest is birds but I photograph any wildlife. I enjoy lecturing - and that must reflect on my professional training - and relish sharing my views on the natural world. To me, I enjoy both the beauty of the living things but I also find that photography allows me to reflect on the adaptation, the behaviour, the ecology and the evolution of the natural world. It is "art meets science" and working across this interface that gives me a huge buzz!

Technical stuff: My photography is Nikon based. My main camera is a D800 but I also use a D700, which is much more forgiving, and a D300, for its better "reach". My lenses vary from 10.5mm to 600mm. My images are mounted on a Drobo RAID system and I process them using DxO Optics Pro and Photoshop on an Apple Mac platform. I print using a Canon MG7150 printer. Recently, I have bought a Series 1 V3 and the superb Nikkor Series 1 70-300mm lens. This combination is invaluable for travelling in small planes when the FX system is simply too heavy to be practical. If I get around to setting up a 'blog' on this website, this would be a great topic to discuss!

Travel: Although I live in a beautiful part of the UK, I grew up in the Far East and have travelled all my life, both professionally and for pleasure. I spend part of each year in India where I have a Visiting Position. My Gallery photographs reflect countries I have visited recently. Next on my list is a visit to Brazil and, at some stage, I will mount photos taken in Antarctica when I have digitised the 35mm sides that I took - so, do call back and check this website which will certainly evolve with time.

I hope you enjoy my website; do get in touch with any comments. Thanks!